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Rumors Popular In Oakhurst

OAKHURST – The best part is making someone’s day; the hardest part is pleasing everybody.

So says Crystal Richards, owner of Rumors Studio hair salon and purveyor of beauty supplies. Richards took ownership of the establishment on July 1 and has been happily busy ever since.

“I have been a hairstylist since 2004. I am 27 and have wanted to own my own business because my parents have been entrepreneurs all their lives. I always wanted to follow in their footsteps,” says Richards, a graduate of the Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School in Fresno.

“I’ve trained with some of the best Paul Mitchell platform artists out there and love what I do,” the Fresno native enthusiastically reports. Married in June of 2012 to a Fresno police officer, Richards graduated before that from Fresno Christian High School.

Rumors Studio salon stylists are Richards, Kathi Ward, Lisa Schwinden, and Shamayne Ashton. Manicurist Kim Niell handles nails.

Crystal Richards and spouse outside Rumors“We offer all hair services, including the ‘Brazilian Blowout,’ nail services, facial waxing, and we now offer tanning.” The Brazilian Blowout is a Keratin-based impermanent hair straightening treatment that is said to actually improve the condition of one’s hair.

“The stylists and I mostly do cuts and colors,” Richards explains, “but we do offer all hair care services and I enjoy selling people the right product for their hair type so that styling their hair is as easy as possible.”

Women, men, children and walk-ins are all welcome at Rumors, according to Richards, who most loves the feeling of having helped someone look their very best.

Blow dryers“It’s about making someone’s day and making them feel more confident than when they walked in,” Richard adds, saying she appreciates her clientele and her colleagues, as well.

“The fellowship I get to have with my clients and the stylists I work with everyday is amazing. I love being creative and this job allows me to express it. It’s a very fun career.”

Richards offers readers some tips on stylishly simple styles for the holiday season, along with ways to keep your hair from looking frazzled in the winter.

Tanning bed“Hair styles that seem to be popular right now and also very classic looking are the ‘sock bun’ or ‘top knot.’ It’s very easy to do and it can look casual or dressy. Also soft, loose waves are always flattering on women.”

Richards has a plan to counter the damage cold weather can do to hair and sides with your mom when she tells you not to go outside with wet hair.

“It’s very bad for your hair to go out in the cold with wet hair because it dries it out. In the winter it’s always good to use a moisturizing serum/ leave-in conditioner before you blow dry your hair, so that it seals the cuticle. A few that I would recommend are Paul Mitchell’s ‘Skinny Serum’ and Redken’s ‘Diamond Oil,’ and also ‘It’s a 10!’ leave-in spray.”

With such a fun and fulfilling career, is there anything difficult about Richards’ work? Oh, yes.

Crystal at work“The hardest thing about my job is making sure I please every single person,” confesses Richards. That’s a tall order to live up to, but Richards is determined to do so.

Visit the Facebook page for Rumors Studio salon and beauty supply shop, located at 40359 Hwy 41.

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