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"Local DJ" Goes Digital

I am very excited about SierraNewsOnline and look forward to contributing a few items from time to time of a completely non-political nature.

My wife, Eileen, and I moved to Oakhurst six years ago and haven’t been kicked out yet, although I’m glad my own continuing presence in the community won’t be put up for popular vote anytime soon.

The biggest news this week is completion of a pretty cool project — i.e., conversion of a book published in 2002 by Xlibris called “Local DJ” into an expanded, digital, interactive “Tenth Anniversary Edition” – complete with pictures, assorted special links, general updates and more than a dozen new chapters.

Here’s what I wrote on my website:Local DJ Front Cover

About Local DJ:

Although the surface thread is autobiographical, “Local DJ” is much more an interwoven narrative on Rock & Roll culture from the late 50s through the present times.

Perspective is subjectively recounted by Peter Cavanaugh, who was both involved with and influential upon the music over an extended period.

The presentation is structurally arranged as a mosaic of interrelated stories with substantial personal overview or, as more commonly referenced, “attitude.”

From the earliest days of Elvis through Sirus/XM Satellite Radio today, Local DJ travels through time and space with instinctive grace. Sacramental with sin. A life web spin.

Here’s one word of caution: “Local DJ: Tenth Anniversary Edition” is for big boys and girls. Were it a film, it would be an easy PG-13, if not an outright “R”.

You can find out more about it and read large sample segments free with a Kindle version available at — and most other formats, including iPad, Nook, PDF, Sony, .epub and others at

That written, and books being discussed here, please allow me to thank Monica McClanahan for her wonderful years of exemplary leadership, inspirational enterprise and extraordinary community service in brilliantly operating Willow Bridge Books. I first met Monica back in 2006 while visiting our daughter and her family in Oakhurst and, in fact, it was during a book signing of “Local DJ” at Willow Bridge that I decided moving here would be a mighty fine idea, a determination I have never regretted in the least. Willow Bridge closed its doors last week due to health concerns. I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing Monica the very finest of fortune in times ahead. She’s the best!

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