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Visitors are flocking in to new location. Judy Hussein is on the right.

Record Number of Visitors for Summer

OAKHURST — Visit Yosemite Madera County tallied a milestone recently in the record number of visitors walking through their new doors this summer. That means there were more dollars spent at local attractions, hotels, restaurants and shops by visitors to the county and the south gate entrance to Yosemite National Park.

The number of guests at the visitors’ center on Highway 41 this summer totaled 18,174. Compare that to 2015 when the number was 14,346 for summertime visitors. Visit Yosemite Madera County welcomed 3,828 more guests, for an increase of about 27 percent, in just one turn around the sun.

Visit Yosemite Madera County relocated to a new locale at 40343 on Highway 41 in November last year, and since moving to a place with greater exposure and more parking, visitors are flocking in.

“Each visitor is greeted by one of over 30 rotating volunteers who help them plan out their trip, assisting with lodging, finding a place to eat, road directions or where to hike and play,” explains Coordinator Judi Hussain.

The continued growth of the tourism-related economy in Madera County proves just how much travel matters. This translates to increased visitor spending and more people employed in hospitality industry jobs throughout the county.

Here in Central California, from the fertile valley all the way to Southern Yosemite, Madera County is a community with a rich history as diverse as the landscape itself. The team at visit Yosemite Madera County works diligently to attract visitors locally, nationally and from around the world, through strategic public relations, social media and marketing efforts.

This data shows that the Visit Yosemite Madera County public relations, social media, marketing and advertising efforts are reaching potential visitors and driving traffic to the right areas. We are so pleased to see our hard work translate into great returns for the county.

Travel also greatly benefits our relationships, families and children. Kids who travel with their families are more likely to attend college, and earn more as adults. It’s also good for our well-being as adults. Numerous research studies have confirmed the positive health effects of travel and time off, from reducing the risk of heart disease to decreasing depression. That’s a platform anyone can support!

“We are looking forward to remaining at the center of activity in Oakhurst for Yosemite National Park’s south gate and Madera County,” says Rhonda Salisbury, CEO of Visit Yosemite Madera County. “We provide visitors 24-hour information so they have all they need to enjoy their visit,”

Therese Williams is Director of Public Relations for Visit Yosemite Madera County

About Visit Yosemite Madera County

The Southern Yosemite Visitors Bureau was formed in 1985 and has been operating as The Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau for 30 years.  The Bureau was established by a group from the Eastern Madera County Chamber of Commerce with a vision of the growing potential for drawing the millions of visitors to Yosemite National Park to the many businesses and attractions in Madera County.  Recently the visitors’ bureau changed its name to Visit Yosemite | Madera County to more accurately reflect its mission to promote all there is to see and do in Yosemite and Madera County.

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