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Purity Matters

Written by YHS students Nick Greer and Jaydon Malcolm

OAKHURST – It starts with what you put inside. Ericka Smith and Angie Du, both seniors at Yosemite High School (YHS), have combined their great minds to come up with one of the best senior projects this school has ever seen.

Their mission: to find a way to end the problem of “undrinkable” water at school.

Originally, the water at YHS was considered practically undrinkable. Most students complain that the school water tastes like pure iron, and nobody had any idea what to do about it, except Ericka and Angie.

They decided to sell refillable metal water bottles. Then, they would set up refill stations in locations around the school. Besides solving the water problem, the school will also be making money. The water filtration system the senior students plan to use for the water bottles is a Britta water filtration system. Dispensers will be available in the spring. The bottles are on sale and all profits go to the fund for the dispensers.

One of the two water stations will be placed in Ansel Adams Hall, near Mr. Oetinger’s room, 1510. The second unit will be located between the Physical Education locker rooms. Both stations will be providing students with the cleanest and purest water on campus.

Water bottles are available for $10 each in Mr. Oetinger’s room and Mrs. Calderwood’s room, and will be for sale at future school events.

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