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Prescribed Burning Operations On Sierra National Forest

SIERRA NATIONAL FOREST — Prescribed burning operations have resumed on the Ponderosa fuelbreak east of Cascadel Point near North Fork.

Smoke has been visible for the last few days.

“We still have a fair amount of acreage of tree mortality burn piles to finish up, and have a contract burn crew with a Forest Service representative on scene each day of burning,” says Burt Stalter, Sierra National Forest Batallion Chief.

Crews are burning around 40 piles per day and all piles had dozer line constructed around the perimeter a few weeks ago.

Piles are also being burned along Minarets Road (also known as Mammoth Pool Road and Forest Road 4S81) starting from Clearwater area and working south.

“Piles are burning well with good consumption and no spotting problems,” says Stalter.

Other areas being burned on the Sierra National Forest are on the Railroad and Detwilier Fire contingency lines.

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