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Passover Celebrations in the Mountain Community

NORTH FORK—While Christians celebrate Easter this year on April 17, Jews will already have embarked on their celebration of Passover, called Pesach in Hebrew.  This holiday, whose traditions have been passed down from grandfather to father to son for generations, recounts the Exodus of Jews from Egyptian slavery. It has been called the Festival of Liberation and is one of the most important dates in Judaism calendar, falling on April 15 through April 23 in the Gregorian calendar and beginning on 15 Nissan in the Hebrew calendar.

Rabbi Shlomo Menkes

Here in the mountains ceremonies will take place at the Sierra Mountains Jewish Center, 56887 Shinn Cabin Lane, North Fork. We will be hosting the Passover seders at our North Fork center at Siderman Family Camp on Friday night and Saturday night. For reservations please text (310)403-1821. For questions, please call Rabbi Menkes at (310)567-9912.

Suggested donation for each seder is $20 per adult and $10 per child, but everyone is welcome regardless of  ability to pay.

Services to be Held

Friday April 15 , for those who observe, the last time to eat chametz is 10:46 am; the last time to own chametz is 11:52 am.
Evening services begin at 7:30 pm
Seder will begin at 8:30 pm

Shabbat April 16
Morning Services at 10:00 am
Evening Service at 8:15 pm
Seder will begin at 8:30 pm

Sunday April 17
Morning Service at 10:00 am

Please note the seder is a ritual ceremony that includes dinner which is served towards the end of the seder. Please plan ahead. Take a rest and have something to eat before you come.

Rabbi Menkes says, “This week two Rabbinical students join with us to help share the Holiday with you. They will be doing outreach in the mountain communities and will be available to bring you the necessary Passover items used at the seder. We are very excited to welcome them.  Please be in contact with us so they may come and meet you.”

Please call Rabbi Menkes at 310-567-9912 for further information on services or on outreach by the Rabbinical students.

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