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One Tribe Global: Goddess In The Garden Festival

OAKHURST — “In 2014, two friends and I were discussing ways to bring a sense of greater connection to our community,” D’Elle Milton explains. “The idea of ‘One Tribe Global’ was born of a desire to create opportunities to explore, support and enhance our lives together in meaningful and joyous ways.”

One Tribe Global is a non-profit association founded whose mission is to facilitate connection and transformation on multiple levels by sponsoring community events designed to bring people together through creative expression, exploration of our roots, and the development of a vision for our future.

This past year, One Tribe Global sponsored multiple events geared toward building a presence in the community, including Goddess in the Garden and The Pi Event, allowing people to come together to see the world from a slightly different perspective.

In May 2016, Coarsegold’s Historic Village green was the site of Goddess in the Garden (GIG), an opportunity to explore beauty and healing, and to experience personal enjoyment, play, and celebrate our emerging awareness of the importance of our place in our families and in the world.

With more than forty artisans selling crystals, gems, handcrafted and one-of-a-kind art and jewelry. Each item offered was focused on bringing greater enjoyment to the spiritual, mental, emotional or physical well-being of the participants.

Local practitioners offered services focused on health and balance, such as massage, energy work, Reiki, and health coaching. Tarot readings, providing intuitive insights, were a favorite. Plants and herbs for the spring garden were available for a very reasonable price, and the Positive Living Center offered information on their classes and other community events.

Those in attendance were enthusiastically appreciative and expressed eager anticipation of  “GIG 2017” where the underlying theme will be “The Goddess Takes Flight.”

Due to the great success of last year’s GIG, “The Goddess Emerges,” Goddess in the Garden 2017 will be a two-day event on Saturday and Sunday, Apr. 29-30, situated again in Coarsegold, on the Historic Village green.

While the overall intention remains bringing greater balance, healing and alignment to the body, mind, and spirit, there will also be a lively and whimsical focus on children’s activities, with unicorn and dragon races, face painting, and other interactive options geared toward the whole family.

Food vendors from our community will offer delicious, often organic options, and live entertainment and music will be on hand throughout the day, along with unique services to make for a full weekend of family fun.

In October 2016, One Tribe Global presented a unique experience called “The Pi Event.” The name of this event was a play on words: the ratio of a circle’s diameter to its circumference is known as “PI” or 3.14…., a ratio constant throughout nature.

Appropriately, it took place at the Fresno Flats Historic Village and Park in Oakhurst where homes, stables, a blacksmith barn, and even a jail are brought together from all over the area to form a small village of actual places of historic interest. The location reinforced the theme of the day,  “Honor the Lineage ~ Empower the Legacy.”

This day was designed to explore our relationship to our ancestors and the impact that our lineage continues to have on our lives today, the quintessential circle of life.

Through hands-on, family friendly activities such as mapping our countries of origin with finger painting, creating a giant people puzzle to help demonstrate how we are all interconnected, and identifying how we can make our world a better place through everyday actions, participants came away with an appreciation for how our history shapes who we are.

By honoring our roots, we enhance our life experience together.

“We wanted to offer a free, family friendly opportunity to explore our common bonds of history and enhance our connection to our families and community,” D’Elle Milton says. “The idea of coming full circle into the now was a way to put the focus on what we can bring to the coming year with greater understanding and a sense of being part of a larger, global community.”

One Tribe Global, in addition to creating and sponsoring community events, will also offer workshops centered on empowering intellectual and spiritual pursuits. Entertainment is yet another way that One Tribe Global will offer a venue for creative expression.

“One of our goals is to become identified as a group who sponsors and produces events and opportunities that are powerful, life-enhancing and create a greater sense of connection to our global family.”

If you would enjoy being involved in future community events, workshops, scholarships and other activities, or to become a member of One Tribe Global, click through to visit the website One Tribe Global.

Story submitted by One Tribe Global including Virginia Eaton and Ashley Pinkerton

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