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Oakhurst Physical Therapy Receives School Partnership Award

MADERA – Oakhurst Physical Therapy received the Crystal Tower Award Wednesday, Apr. 30 at the Eleventh Annual Business and Education Shareholders’ Luncheon hosted by the Madera County Compact.

Oakhurst Physical Therapy was recognized for their partnership with Madera County schools in front of more than 100 business and community leaders.

Tony and Lori McLean, owners of Oakhurst Physical Therapy, were nominated by Dena Boortz from Yosemite High School (YHS).

Tony and Lori McLean have been partners with YHS for 13 years. They have provided volunteer medical staffing for sporting events and have supported various athletic classes. They donate time and resources working with students in the music department, yearbook, athletics, FBLA and other programs.

Oakhurst Physical Therapy1: (L to R) Dena Boortz, Monika Moulin, Cecilia Massetti, Tony McLean, Lori McLean, Jim SargentOakhurst Physical Therapy exemplifies the Madera County Compact’s Mission, working in partnership with education to prepare young people for the increasing demands of society and the workplace.

“Oakhurst Physical Therapy has set the standard for excellence in business and education partnerships,” said Dr. Cecilia Massetti, Madera County Superintendent of Schools. “We thank them for their dedication, hard work and heart for the children of our county.”

A video featuring the Crystal Tower Award recipient was produced by the Madera South High School video production class. The video was shown preceding the acceptance of the award.

The luncheon highlighted the exceptional student work Madera County has to offer. Many high schools in Madera County contributed to the success of the luncheon.

Oakhurst PT signYosemite’s cadet corp presented colors at the event followed by the National Anthem performed by students from Liberty High School.

Minarets High School students created table centerpieces. Chowchilla High School provided a photography exhibit and Madera High School students contributed an art exhibit. Kevin Herman, owner of Specialty Crop, shared exciting and diverse career possibilities in agriculture and the advancement of technology in the field. He explained some of the skills and experiences that will prepare our students for careers in the Valley and beyond.

The Madera Compact Career Video was premiered which highlights JBT FoodTech and the many job opportunities available in Madera. The video is geared toward middle school students to show them the necessary skills and education needed for specific jobs.

The luncheon was hosted by the Madera County Compact and was held at Madera County Office of Education. It was sponsored by Educational Employees Credit Union, Cedar Creek Senior Living, First 5 Madera County and Madera County Office of Education.

The Madera County Compact is a group of business, community and education leaders working collaboratively to support efforts to improve the quality of life in Madera County.

They promote business partnerships with schools to improve the achievement levels and skills of students and prepare young people for the increasing demands of society and the workplace.

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