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NRA = Not Really American?

NRA = Not Really American?

Responding to Peter Cavanaugh Article in the Sierra Star 1/24/13

Peter: Do you have a clue about the demographics of the NRA’s 4.5 million members? I suggest you get off your barstool occasionally and find out before making a fool of yourself in print again. Your article proves your complete ignorance of the NRA. The men and women who make up the NRA are proud patriots, many who served this country honorably in battle. They respect guns, own them legally, use them safely, and are quick to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

You aren’t nearly qualified to judge their credentials or their courage. The question in the ad was a simple one. If large caliber, high capacity, semi-automatic weapons are needed to defend high profile children at school, then why take them away from others who also have children to defend? It IS hypocritical to allow some to be defended adequately and deny that right to others. That is elitist and it is folly. Do something about the criminals who break the laws. “Support and Defend” the rights of law abiding citizens who don’t.

I also note you failed to mention the voter fraud nation-wide that got Obama reelected. The numerous precincts with OVER 100% voter turnout and not one vote for Romney. The GOP pole watchers made to leave the poles by union thugs. The illegals and dead people who voted because Democrats fought against election reforms to include voter identification. I “consider” your convenient selection of incomplete and misleading facts about the election and the NRA to be self-serving and reprehensible. But that seems to be a common thread these days in the President’s Administration and your articles.

Steve Hall, CDR, USN (Retired)

NRA and CRPA Member

North Fork, CA 93643


  1. The irony of it all.

    The majority party controlled CIA is now covertly supplying automatic assault rifles to the “moderate” Syrian

    rebels while writing laws here to prevent Americans from buying the legal (semi-automatic) domestic version .

    Makes you wonder whose side they’re actually on, yes?

    Ray Krause


  2. Thanks Peter for a thoughtful article. I agree with you 100%.

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