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New Project Removes Dead Trees On Road 274 – Expect Delays

BASS LAKE — Starting Monday, June 3, drivers on a popular lakeside road will need extra time in their travel schedules as crews work to keep the roadside safe from the hazard of falling trees along the north shore of Bass Lake.

Using State Disaster Funding, the Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Service (Sheriff’s OES) and United States Forest Service (USFS) have collaborated on a work project to target the dead and dying trees along Road 274 that could impact public safety.

Now, the Sheriff’s OES and USFS are advising the public of planned tree work on Road 274 starting Monday, June 3.

  • The work to remove hazard trees will take place from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday until Aug. 1.
  • One-way traffic control will be in place.
  • Motorists driving Road 274 should plan for up to 30 minute delays during the work periods.

File photo of Burt Stalter falling a Ponderosa pine – by Gina Clugston

The project will span an area roughly between Road 331 near the old Bass Lake Courthouse, to about Central Camp Road on the southeast end of the lake. The fallers will drop a tree, crews will clear the roadway, and then traffic will be allowed to pass through before the next one is brought down. They will drop trees away from the roadway wherever possible. However, there are many that simply won’t fall anywhere but in the road.

Please use caution in the area and plan for extra time on the road while the project is underway.


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