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Mystery Solved: Lady Who Saved Rommel Revealed

Editor’s note: On Friday, June 23, Coarsegold resident Frank Ignagni found himself beholden to a stranger who rescued his family dog from running loose on Highway 41. Early that morning, before anyone in the Ignagni home knew the dog had escaped, Rommel was returned to a groggy but grateful Frank.

Touched by the woman’s kindness, Frank’s perspective shifted to others who have helped him along his path. Meanwhile, he really wanted to thank the lady who saved his dog. Mission accomplished.

Rommel and Pup-Pup get in some snuggle time.

Wow. That was fast!

Our family’s new bestest buddy Bridgette Russell texted me a little after seven this morning about the article I posted yesterday. Geez, she is an early riser!

She rescued Rommel about the same time yesterday.

Anyway, thanks again sweetie, we are very appreciative here at Rommel’s home. I am glad I will be able to thank you properly. Anyone who reads this and sees her should give her a hug. She took a risk out there, we all know that road. I accepted your friend request on Facebook and the card will be in the mail.  I will send it after coffee.

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  1. So glad this story has two happy endings. One Rommel being returned back to her loving home and two that the good samaritan has been connected with Frank and will no doubt have a nice new budding friendship with Rommel’s family 🙂

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