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Mustang Matt Emphasizes Trust And Respect In Horsemanship

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COARSEGOLD — The Sierra Freepackers, the local Back Country Horsemen of California unit, together with the YLP Equestrian Center in Coarsegold, proudly hosted Mustang Matt.

Mustang Matt is a clinician who emphasizes trust, respect and balanced horsemanship, and organizers say, “boy, did he deliver!” A special tip of the hat to Laurie Wagoner for her exceptional efforts toward putting this event together.

According to Sierra Freepacker member Sharon Seslowe, the weather couldn’t have been finer, the footing in the arena was excellent, lunch was excellent, and the five participants and couple dozen auditors were all treated to an amazing day of insight and horsemanship.”

Known to the keenest of riders, Sharon says Mustang Matt travels through the state with his trusty steed Diesel.

“He’s an honest horseman who treats the needs of each rider and of each horse with skill and understanding, and he’s able to communicate in a way that both animal and human can quickly understand.”

The group included a two-year-old quarter horse, some mature mustangs, a Montana bred mountain horse, and a Paso Fino. The range of issues Matt addressed were from the unbroke, unhandled horse, to the started-but-first-rides-today horse, to the spooky horse and spooked rider.

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“You know that moment when you succeed in working with your horse, and you both know you are moving forward in a  positive way,” Sharon asks? “I saw that happen for all the animals and participants. I think everyone gleaned a few nuggets and found ways to help their horses become better partners.

“Yup, even when the mustang kicked Matt’s saddle off the fence — was that before or after she tried to kick him in the head? —  he never lost focus and helped her sort out the easy way to the sweet spot. Now, that’s horsemanship. Thank you Mustang Matt, thank you Sierra Freepackers, and a big thank you to YLP Equestrian Center for a wonderful day!”

Sierra Freepackers are already planning another Mustang Matt clinic for later this year — stay tuned to their Facebook page for more information.

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