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Last Weekend For Much Ado About Nothing

OAKHURST — Let us take you back to the cosmopolitan port city of Messina, Italy. The year is 1602 and you will spend your evening at the fashionable home of Leonato (James Mierkey) and his wife Antonia (Jennifer Olsen) as they welcome Prince Don Pedro (Andy Graham), recently returned from war.

Beautiful period dress and set will immerse you in the height of Renaissance culture. Music and dance will entertain you, and passion and intrigue will draw you into this wonderful story.

When it comes to Shakespeare there are two camps: those who love his plays, and those whose high school English teacher (who probably hated it more than they did) made them suffer through reading Romeo and Juliet, all on their own and in silence. If you are from the latter camp, let us help restore you. Shakespeare’s work was meant to be seen and heard, not read in a sterile classroom.

The Golden Chain Theatre brings to life Much Ado About Nothing, on stage from Friday, Sept. 21 through Sunday, Oct. 27. This show will surprise you!

First and foremost, it is lots of fun. One of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies — the merry war between Benedict (George Rich) and Beatrice (Ruthann Van Buren) and the tragically interrupted, off-again on-again marriage of Hero (Miranda Simonich) and Claudio (Max Barclay) have served as the models for countless other stories. Come see the original!

Cast and crew have worked very hard to make sure that the show is entertaining enough to undo any damage done to your appreciation of the Bard’s brilliance by pre-baccalaureate badgering.

And if you love Shakespeare? You’ll find Much Ado is one of the best!

Much Ado About Nothing takes the stage at the Golden Chain Theatre on Fridays and Saturdays at 7 p.m. and on Sundays for a matinee at 2 p.m. Tickets available here.

Michael van Buren is the Director of Much Ado About Nothing at the Golden Chain Theatre

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