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Minarets senior TJ Garner rushes. (photo courtesy Minarets Press)

Minarets Football: Overtime Ends in Exciting Victory

Special to Sierra News Online

By Jaraith Rios

O’NEALS — Minarets hosted Fowler for the first time this season as the Mustangs celebrated Homecoming week on Friday, Sept. 20.

Before the game, Minarets football was 2-1 for the season while Fowler was 2-2. Both sides were prepared for a very competitive game since both did not want to add another loss.

Varsity Center and junior Moises Agundez explained, “The team is ready, and we’ve been preparing all week — focused and determined.”

It was a high pressure game for the boys as they knew the crowd had high expectations with it being Homecoming.

The first half of the game did not go as planned for the Varsity team as they were down 21-0 by halftime.

The Mustangs were still down by 28 in the third quarter, but then the game took an exciting turn.

Minarets senior Colton Ralph cuts through Fowler players (photo courtesy Minarets Press)

Varsity wide receiver and senior Joseph Hurst explained the team’s mindset. “We wanted to keep our heads up and mind on the game — we didn’t let the score affect us and that ended up benefiting us in the end.”

By the fourth quarter the Mustangs proved that the first half of the game wouldn’t affect them as the score became 28-28 with less than two minutes in the game.

The Mustangs and Redcats then went into overtime, where the Mustangs were able to score, making the fianl 35-28 and our varsity team victorious.

Defensive lineman and senior John Rodriguez explained after the game, “First half we had trouble keeping our head on. Coming out in the second half, the team had its head in the game and really started fighting to finish the game.”

Congratulations to Minarets football for fighting through the game, which ended in an exciting victory!

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