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New green zones.

Madera Sheriff | Evacuation Warning Areas Lifted in Zones M58-M87

Madera County – Evacuation Warning Areas Lifted in Zones M58-M87. These zones include the general Hwy 41 corridor between road 200 and Bass Lake Rd (Rd 222). Please see the Evacuation Map for specific details, you will see those zones now in Green. All other Madera County Mandatory Evacuations and Evacuation Warnings remain in effect.

To view a map of the affected areas please visit http://bit.ly/creekfireevacmap

Please remember a large amount of traffic related to the fire may still be in the area. Please drive carefully and watch for fire suppression equipment work in the area.

Mandatory Evacuation Re-Population Process: Once the Madera County Sheriff’s Office as well as the Fire Incident Management teams and Cooperators determine a current evacuation area safe for residents to return home. Those living in Madera County will be notified they can go home by using the Sheriff’s Office MCALERT system, Facebook and the Madera County website. A press release will also be issued by the Fire Incident Management teams to local media. These Alerts will contain instructions on when and how you can return home, as well as safety messages and special instructions for returning to an area that may have burned.

The Madera County Sheriff’s Office is making preparations to begin taking people to their vehicles once the area is safe. Once you email us we will communicate directly with further details.

Madera Sheriff is asking anyone who left their vehicle at Mammoth Pool or on Mammoth Pool Road during the evacuation to email erica.hefner@maderacounty.com with the following details:

Full name
Phone number
Vehicle description
License Plate number
Name(s) on vehicle registration
Location of vehicle
Current address


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