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Madera County To Sell Parcels With Delinquent Taxes

MADERA COUNTY — The Madera County Tax Collector’s office is in the process of the final drive for collections of taxes owed to the County, and all entities for whom they collect, in preparation for fiscal year-end closing.

“Last month we sent out over 4,000 delinquent notices, and we have been putting bank levies on unpaid unsecured taxes,” said Tracy Kennedy, Madera County Treasurer Tax Collector. “We will also be conducting our tax sale of parcels that have five or more delinquent taxes owed.”

Kennedy also notes they are now accessing the Tax Refund Intercept Program; so if you were expecting a tax refund, and you still owe Madera County taxes, her office will be intercepting those refunds to pay for delinquent taxes.

“If you have an outstanding unsecured tax bill and have not completed the proper documents for the Assessors office to close your business, your tax bill is still valid and due.”

The Tax Sale will be held on Saturday, May 20, through Tuesday, May 23. Interested parties can access the webpage at www.madera-county.com/treasurer and select the Online Tax Sale link to review 49 parcels that are being offered for sale.

The tax collector staff can be contacted Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by dialing 559-675-7713.

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