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Madera County Supervisors Forgo Salary Increase

MADERA – In light of the sacrifices made by Madera County employees during difficult fiscal times, the Board of Supervisors has elected to forgo an automatic 1.4 percent salary increase.

The automatic increase stems from County policy that ties the Supervisors’ salaries to those of state Superior Court Judges. Last month, the Judicial Council of California announced that judges would receive the 1.4 percent salary increase, effective July 1, 2013.

“Our board has an obligation to lead by example,” said Supervisor Max Rodriguez, Chairman of the Board. “Finances remain tight and it’s simply not the right time.”

Madera County Supervisors currently receive an annual salary of $71,515. If the Board elected to take the automatic increase, their annual salary would equate to $72,516.

The Board of Supervisors says that forgoing the increase is not only a fiscally prudent decision by the Board, but an act of appreciation for Madera County employees who have made numerous concessions to keep the County solvent. Challenging budget cycles over the years have resulted in no cost-of-living increases as well as a 3 ½ year furlough program.

“I am hopeful that things will turn around in the future,” Rodriguez said. “Until then, our Board remains committed to making the same sacrifices as our staff.”

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