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Local Author Pens The Nature Club

MOUNTAIN AREA — Local author Rachel Mazur has released a new series of nature-based books for young people called The Nature Club. Mazur has worked in the Sierra Nevada since 1991 and moved to the Yosemite area in 2014.

Each book in The Nature Club series tells the story of one of the kids in the club and how they approach a challenge of growing up, in parallel with a story about an animal and a challenge it faces.

Meanwhile, the kids face challenges of their own, such as moving, parents’ divorce, and getting glasses.

Animals include birds, monarchs, bears, frogs, and bobcats face challenges as they migrate, go through metamorphosis, and seek food.

Each book ends with the kids finding a way to take simple actions to make a positive change in themselves and to help wildlife.

Rachel Mazur courtesy of the author

Rachel is the author of the picture book, If You Were A Bear (SNHA) and the narrative oral history, Speaking of Bears (FalconGuide). She holds a Ph.D. in wildlife ecology, is the author of several scientific and popular articles about wildlife, and currently works as the branch chief of wildlife at Yosemite National Park.

For more information, please visit The Nature Club Books website or the The Nature Club Books on Facebook.

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