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Local Author Pens Debut Novel

Something about the way the firelight caught in his eyes entranced her. It danced and sang as he spoke, telling a story of its own in his unblinking stare. “Isabelle, now is not the opportune time to discuss this,” he said.

So begins the prologue of the new novel, Immortality Awaits (Objects of Inwit), authored by Andrew J. Stillman, who was raised in Oakhurst and is a 2007 graduate of Yosemite High School. This is his first novel.

The book is part one of what Stillman plans as a series. Reviews online are good, with one reader suggesting the book would make a great movie. In the novel, readers are promised that “immortality awaits those without mercy,” and reminded to “never forget who the enemy is.”

Immortality Awaits book cover - book by Andrew J. StillmanThe plot goes like this: Donovan Carter is being plagued by dreams sent to him by mysterious sorceress Isabelle Hopwood. Donovan discovers he must uncover the legendary Objects of Inwit, powers promising both invincibility and immortality.

Meanwhile, in the parallel world of Ianaro, vengeful Lord Matobian attempt to gain ultimate domination by finding the Objects himself.

“Their bond begins to quake at the control of the powers, but the promise of an oncoming war still stains the horizon. The battle lines have been drawn. The armies have taken up their weapons. The Powers have chosen their victors. Immortality awaits those without mercy.”

According to booksellers, Andrew J. Stillman “grew up with an appreciation for nature, derived mostly from his backyard and involvement in the Boy Scouts of America.”

Stillman’s father, George, confirms that his son has been writing since he was seven years old. The author graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities and Communications with emphasis in Creative Writing and Social Action, from California State University, Monterey Bay.

Andrew J. Stillman plans a signing of his debut novel in Oakhurst this summer. Stay tuned.

Immortality Awaits is available by order from your local bookstore, at Barnes & Noble, and online.

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