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Linn Is Not Qualified To Be District Attorney

The 9-13-14 Madera Tribune article about retired Chief of Police Kime endorsing Mike Keitz for Madera DA was interesting. As a voter who wants to be informed I’ve taken the time to examine both candidates.

Chief Kime mentioned defense attorneys who specialize in “slip and fall personal injury, DUI, divorce cases, etc.” as not having skills needed to prosecute criminal cases. After checking the mountain area phone book advertisements I see that the other candidate for Madera DA, Mr. David Linn, promotes himself as a “slip and fall” specialist.

Don’t misunderstand my comments. It is our constitutional right to be vigorously defended in court. If I was ever charged with a crime, I would seek the best defense attorney I could find. But I don’t believe a candidate who has never been employed as a prosecutor is qualified to be our D.A.

Paula Perialas

Proud Maderan

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