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Lewis Creek Trail

This is a beautiful trail requiring a very low skill level to navigate the two slightly rocky outcroppings. The easiest way to get here is to follow State Rt. 41 north from Oakhurst about 5 miles until you see a sign of a hiker on the right. This is the parking area for the trail. Follow the trail down to Lewis Creek and proceed across the large log bridge. From here, I recommend taking a left and going up the easy trail. If you turn right, you will come to a steep, rocky, tight trail that is hard even to walk it. It goes down to a small community called Cedar Valley.

Once on the trail going north (left) after the bridge, you will wind through tall cedars and pines on your way along Lewis Creek to the community of Sugar Pine. Along the way you will come upon a short steep spot with a few rocks to hop over. This is the only real technical section and is can easily be walked up if you were not prepared with enough momentum to hop up and over them. From here, continue northward and after two miles, you come to Sugar Pine.

Just north of this spot on Hwy. 41, is the Sugar Pine Railroad. This is a narrow gauge railroad used during the logging era but is now shuttling tourists off into the woods for a wild west adventure usually including an honest to goodness train robbery. There is an award winning restaurant here with an ambiance that is hard to beat. If you are a fireman at heart, you will love the fully restored antique engine housed in their garage.

Trail info and photos from: http://www.yosemitebicycle.com/

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