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Letter To The Editor: Sally Moreno Is The Clear Choice

As the President of the Madera Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, I would like to express our support Sally Orme Moreno. There are some distinct differences between the two candidates and here is why Sally was our clear choice.

Sally Orme Moreno is a former police officer and has the most experience as a Senior Prosecutor. She has handled some of the most heinous crimes in Madera County with a proven record of success. Her background working with other law enforcement agencies is exceptional and has led to numerous convictions. Working well with other criminal justice agencies is critical to fight crime in our community.

Sally’s proven success has earned her dozens of endorsements. Some include our Madera County Sheriff Jay Varney and former Sheriffs John Anderson, Ed Bates and Berk Berkley. Additionally, other organizations and associations like Cal Fire Local 2881, the Madera Probation Peace Officers Association and the statewide law enforcement organization PORAC have all joined with us in support of Sally Orme Moreno for Madera D.A.

Sally is a good person. She is a wife, mother and volunteer in our community. Her concern for the safety of our citizens is second to none. That is why the Madera Deputy Sheriffs’ Association endorsed Sally Orme Moreno for District Attorney.

Thank you,

Michael Motz, President

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