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Letter To The Editor: Paul Hornick Is Already On The Job

In her Letter to the Editor, dated Sept. 26, 2018 which refers to Paul Hornick’s public service, Renee Young states: “I was also struck by his claim that he’s been a prosecutor for 13 years.” Perhaps there is need for clarification of our Madera County Senior Deputy District Attorney’s distinguished public service record.

Senior Deputy District Attorney, Paul Hornick received his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the State University of New York at Oswego, magna cum laude, in May 2000. While attending SUNY-Oswego he interned for the Oswego District Attorney’s Office, and later for the US Secret Service out of their Syracuse office. He then went on to earn his Juris Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University, and became a member of the Florida Bar in May 2005. Upon completion of law school, he worked for the Florida State Attorney, 17th Judicial Circuit in Broward County.

Hornick entered the U.S. Army Officer Candidate Program in January 2009. After completion of Basic Combat Training and Officer Candidate School, he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant with the Transportation Corps in July 2009. He would serve as a platoon leader and as a battalion adjunct during his Army tenure.

In July 2012, Captain Hornick transitioned into the U.S. Army Reserve, and was later accepted into the JAG (Judge Avocate General Corps) in September 2013. He became a member of the California Bar in December 2013, and graduated from both the Judge Advocate Basic Course and Judge Advocate Advance Course, at the University of Virginia. He continues to serve with the 75th Legal Operations Detachment, and is presently under review for promotion to the rank of Major. In October 2016, Hornick became a Senior Deputy District Attorney with the Madera County District Attorney’s Office.

A public service history such as this is not just limited to the Central Valley or California and serves the Madera County DA’s office well.
Ms. Young asks: “Where was he when Sacramento was proposing elimination of bail for misdemeanors, decriminalizing drugs and letting everyone out of prison early?” Perhaps the above information will satisfy an answer.

Ms. Young eludes to pending “law suits” in federal court by District Attorney David Linn and the fact that DA Linn hired Hornick. Needless to say, this has resulted in a rocky ride for our present DA and his staff; and despite these difficult working conditions, Senior Deputy District Attorney Hornick didn’t abandon our DA’s office, but under these challenging conditions has continued to steadfastly provide our County with distinguished service.

When Ms. Young states: “we need a DA who is engaged and concerned about all victims and will fight to protect our families,” it describes the efforts put forth by Senior Deputy District Attorney Hornick. One need only to look at the record.

I’m voting for Paul Hornick for Madera County District Attorney, the best candidate for the job, who, in some respects, is already on the job.

Terre Sparkman


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