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Letter To The Editor: Children In Cages

By Election Day, Trump’s feckless Justice Department will be 102 days past a Federal Judge’s deadline to reunite immigrant children with their parents. This despicable outrage continues only because gutless hyper-partisan toadies like Tom McClintock and Devin Nunes look the other way while that bloviating buffoon in the White House wages war on children.

Trump is the most dangerous figure in American political history. He displays no understanding of, interest in, or respect for our constitution. He idolizes despots while offending our allies. He spews a constant stream of outright lies while vilifying the media for quoting him. He excuses a neo-Nazi killing a protester while branding liberals as violent mobs.

Donald Trump gleefully puts toddlers in cages. In America. Without the slightest remorse. Trump is a malignant narcissist who believes the entire world is about him alone. Like Mussolini and Hitler before him, he has created a cult following and revels in their adoration. His so-called campaign rallies are designed to stroke his massive yet fragile ego.

Impeachment is not the answer, unless we find incontrovertible proof of high crimes. Creating a veto-proof Democratic majority in Congress is the best way to stop this malevolent madman’s march towards fascism.

Charles Bednar

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