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Keitz Is The Man For The Job

I know Michael Keitz and worked with him in his capacity as Madera County District Attorney during my tenure as Madera County’s County Administrative Officer from September 2009 through May 2010.

Mr. Keitz was always very professional in his interaction with me, County staff, Board Members and the public. I found him to be very ethical and trustworthy when it came to discussing how he wanted to upgrade the professionalism, technology and services in his office to more effectively serve Madera County’s constituents.

Mr. Keitz has the knowledge and experience it takes to effectively carry out the duties of his office. Making changes to the status quo is always challenging, but he has many accomplishments in upgrading and improving his operations since he assumed office as District Attorney. This trend can continue under his leadership if Madera County voters consider the character and integrity Mr. Keitz represents when they mark their ballots.

My thoughts in describing Mr. Keitz:

1. A man of Strong Family Values.

2. Considers his responsibility as District Attorney his highest calling as a public servant.

3. He has high moral standards and holds himself and his staff accountable.

4. High levels of integrity, professionalism and experience as a DA.

5. Has an excellent professional relationship with local and State law enforcement agencies.

6. Efficiently and effectively utilizes limited available resources to maximize services.

7. A man I can trust to be forthcoming and honest, regardless of the situation.

In conclusion, I believe that Mr. Keitz will continue to make an excellent Madera County DA, and I would hope and pray that citizens concerned with honest and efficient government vote accordingly.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Steven D. Rodriguez

Clovis, CA 93611

(Concerned citizen for honest and efficient government)

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