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Juvenile Arrested In String Of Suspected Arson Fires

OAKHURST – An arrest has been made in the case of 13 fires, believed to have been intentionally set, that burned in the Oakhurst area in the past few months.

A 15-year-old Oakhurst resident was arrested on Friday, Sept. 26, when Cal Fire executed a search warrant on his home.

“We have suspected this individual since these fires began,” said one resident of the John West/Jean Road area. “We are all breathing a lot easier now that he’s been caught.”

No homes were lost in any of the fires believed to be part of this case, however, residents were living in fear, especially with the destruction of the Junction and Courtney Fires. The juvenile arrested is not suspected of either of those two fires.

“Thanks to our amazing firefighters, they got all of them in our neighborhood put out fast,” said the resident, who did not wish to be identified. “Any one of these fires could have gotten away. One of our neighbors has had enough and they’re putting their house up for sale and moving.”

Several neighbors said they had noticed the suspect at various locations around several of the fires, and that they found his behavior suspicious. They say they were not surprised when they saw the Cal Fire trucks arrive at the suspect’s home last Friday afternoon.

Cameras installed in the John West/Jean Road area reportedly captured images that led investigators to focus in on the individual. His name is not being released due to his age.

Cal Fire is not commenting on the investigation, which is on-going.

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