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Madera County Sheriff Launches Service Update Messaging

MADERA COUNTY–The Madera County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) is pleased to announce it will be introducing a new messaging service to better communicate with and serve people needing law enforcement or emergency services.

MCSO is partnering with Versaterm Public Safety to utilize SPIDR Tech, a digital customer service engagement tool. The tools design is to keep crime victims, reporting parties, and 911 callers up to date after they request services. This includes law enforcement assistance. This fully automated system provides callers pertinent information and updates about their case or incident via text message.

Image of Sheriff Tyson Pogue.

Sheriff Tyson Pogue.

Sheriff Tyson Pogue remarks, “In our ongoing effort to provide the highest level of service and maintain transparency with our community members, we will be implementing technology that gives callers vital updates on our services. The Madera County Sheriff’s Office is committed to adapting innovative ways to enhance our services and streamline communication during that critical period when someone needs our assistance.”

When community members call for law enforcement services or assistance, they should expect to receive a text message. The text will be acknowledging their call for service. After opting in, callers will receive status updates pertaining to their request. Following the conclusion of the call for service, a text message asking for customer feedback will be sent.

Sheriff Pogue continues, “We welcome this opportunity to receive direct feedback from community members about how to best support them and provide the quality of service they expect and deserve.”

MCSO’s new text notification updates:

  • Will only be sent to individuals who place their request for Law Enforcement services by calling (559) 675-7770 or 911. Individual must be using a cell phone.
  • Will NOT send texts about in-progress calls and situations where a text message may pose safety concerns for the individuals involved.
  • Are accessible in Spanish by using the link provided in the text.
  • Cannot send text communications to dispatchers*
  • Can be stopped by replying to the text with “STOP.”

* In a situation where individuals cannot call 911, the public can also text 911 in Madera County. The individual will then be able to communicate with dispatchers.

Image of the Madera County Sheriff's Office logo.

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