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Join Our Team Of Writers

Have you always wanted to write? Are you already writing, but need a place for your work to be published? Do you have a subject on which you have expert knowledge, or an issue about which you feel the need to express yourself? If so, then was designed for you.

When we first began envisioning this website, the thing that fueled our passion for it was the idea that people in the Mountain Area would have a platform to share. Not only information about all the things we are up to in our communities, but a forum for writers and aspiring authors.

We are always looking for fresh voices. This website is designed for everyone to have a place to share, if the spirit moves them to do so. In most publications, the voice of the public may be limited to “Letters to the Editor”, and the occasional “Guest Commentary”, and with good reason. Space may be limited, deadlines must be met. But we are doing something different.

The pages of this website are a tapestry of all of your voices. We do, of course, have reporters who gather and write the news, and if that job interests you, we invite you to contact us about becoming a stringer. But we also know that there are those of you who just want to share your musings in a blog, or submit the random article about your service organization, hobby or passionate cause. We are looking for those people too, and one of those people might just be you!

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