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Jocks, Nerds & Plastics – YHS Play Examines High School Life

OAKHURST – Life will imitate art imitating life as Drama 2 students from Yosemite High School (YHS) present “Makin’ It,” a play about life in high school, on Thursday and Friday, Feb. 1 – 2, at 7 p.m. in the YHS campus theater building. Tickets are $5 for everyone.

The play was written in the 1980’s by Cynthia Mercati, and is still relevant today, according to YHS theater arts teacher, Lars Thorson.“The main character, Brook, is tired of going through school unnoticed, so she chooses to remake her image with different clothes, makeup and attitude,” recounts Thorson.

“She gets noticed and begins to date the richest kid in school. While she enjoys the popularity, she feels torn by trying to be something she isn’t. She is attracted to an artistic young man but doesn’t want to lose her status. During the big dance she is forced to choose between her image and herself.”

The play has all the familiar high school types, says Thorson, including “jocks, nerds, popular kids (or ‘plastics’ as Tina Fey called them in ‘Mean Girls’), and burnouts. We learn that everyone has problems, even teachers and parents.”

“Makin’ It” features Sophia O’Meara as Brooke, the student trying to become popular, and a total cast of 30 YHS students.

“I am pleased with how the students have taken their roles seriously and worked hard to create interesting characters that go beyond mere stereotypes,” concludes Thorson.

For more information call 559 683-4667, extention 256.

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