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HOW Dinner Set To Honor Tiffany Mumm

Submitted by Wendy Fisher

OAKHURST — The current Helping One Woman (HOW) recipient is a well-known and greatly loved Ahwahnee wife of 15 years and mom of two beautiful girls, Tiffany Lynn Mumm.

We are asking for your support of a wonderful program and a wonderful woman in our community, and requesting your attendance at the fundraiser on Wednesday, Sept. 18, starting at 6 p.m., at the Queen’s Inn, being catered by the Produce Place.

We’re also requesting items to be donated for the raffle.

Although Tiffany is not experiencing the same kind of trauma as some (they are all different, after all), she has suffered for more than 15 years with the uncomfortable and disturbing health effects of Chron’s disease.

Chron’s disease is an inflammatory disease of the digestive system. She spent 7 days at Kaiser Hospital in Fresno this past June after an emergency surgery was needed to remove part of her right colon, small intestine, and appendix. Her two lovely daughters, ages 9 and 10 and her husband Tyson have been loving and supportive amidst the very real health issues their mom/wife has experienced.

Now, three months after the surgery last June, every day is a challenge for Tiffany, yet she has remained hard-working and positive.

She is loved dearly by her many friends who can all testify to the wonderful generous acts of kindness that Tiffany is known for.

Back in 2007, she was a main volunteer raising much-needed funds for my family during a tremendous time of need and despair, along with other Oakhurst evening MOPS moms from 2005 through 2007 — you know who you are — at the Golden Chain Theatre on St. Paddy’s Day. Her friends all know she is always there to assist with others’ kids or errands, and never cancels even if she doesn’t feel well.

Tiffany is known for occasionally throwing wonderful well-attended tea parties at her home, and obviously has made a huge number of friends during her time in the mountain area, whether it be through work, school (Wasuma), PTA, swim, soccer, knitting or Table Talk at the Lutheran Church.­ Tiffany even graciously rescued me and my girls one early morning to get to school and work – we wound up hardly even late – ON HER BIRTHDAY when we had no car keys!

Helping One Woman LogoIn addition to your attendance, we are still in need of donations for the event. Please email me back if you have any items you would like to donate.

There are many types of items you could consider donating, from services like a haircut, pedicure, art or a music lesson, to a nights stay at your vacation rental, to restaurant or store gift certificates, or new household items like wall hangings, candles, books, games, or anything your imagination can come up with, to monetary contributions. We will acknowledge all persons making donations at the event.

Thank you for supporting Tiffany in overcoming the incredible challenge of her chronic health issue. She has proven herself well-deserved of this honor!

Please call or email me to schedule a pick-up of your donated items, at your earliest convenience as the event is next week, Wednesday Sept. 18 at 6 p.m. at The Queen’s Inn.

The Produce Place is catering: $10 per plate for yummy food. Call 559-641-6167 for your reservations.

Mark your calendars and come out to show Tiffany some support and have a great night out at the same time.

Editor’s Note:

HOW is a nonprofit woman’s organization that has a monthly dinner to honor a woman that has suffered a hardship or loss. Besides paying for one’s own dinner at a fixed price, each guest puts an additional $10 (or more) in a “pot,” or bowl. At the end of the dinner the money is gifted to the woman that is being honored, and a new recipient is chosen from suggestions by the group.”

Fore more information see HOW on Facebook

Helping One Woman

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