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HOW Dinner Honors Carol Cardinale

OAKHURST – The nonprofit organization Helping One Woman (HOW) will meet on Wednesday, Feb. 18, in support of local resident and business owner Carol Cardinale, who recently lost her daughter Sophia in a tragic car accident. Carol’s son Elias survived the accident and is now on the road to physical and emotional recovery.

HOW attendees will gather at El Cid Mexican Cuisine at 6 p.m., to honor the faithful single mother and those she loves. Reservations are requested.

Carol’s beloved daughter Sophia was fatally injured in a collision on November 10, 2014. Son Elias was badly hurt in the accident. In addition to Sophia and Elias, Carol has two other cherished children. HOW is rallying around Carol and her family to lend a hand as needed.

Carol recently wrote an update on Elias’ health following the accident and the family’s ongoing recovery process.

HOW Feb Carol Cardinale“He was rushed to Community Regional Med Center where he received a transfusion and over 500 stitches on his face,” says Carol, outlining a series of serious medical practices her son endured and will continue to have. “He is recovering quickly and well. He still will need some repair surgery on his face. Most of the hurt he says is in his heart as the wounds of loving your sister and the loss can never mend. It’s still so very hard.”

Those attending the HOW benefit dinner will place $10 or more toward a contribution for Carol, and pay for their own dinners. HOW promises that “every last penny of the proceeds from the prize drawing, as well as everything collected from attendees as they come in the door, that is $10 per person, will go directly to Carol at the end of the evening. Absolutely nothing is kept by the organization or anyone else.”

“When we gather to surround Carol and her family, we do it to not only give them a cash gift to help with extreme medical bills, but also to show them that they are not alone in the grief and healing process,” say HOW organizers including Kristen Ambrose. “Bring your smiles and support to this benefit dinner.”

In order for El Cid to prepare for the evening, guests are asked to call the restaurant for reservations: (559) 683-6668

Helping One Woman LogoFor more information about Carol Cardinale’s HOW evening, including how to make a donation for the raffle, please contact this month’s sponsor Michele Stockley at (559) 658-1803 or visit the Oakhurst HOW Facebook page.


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