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HOW Dinner Honors PJ’s Mom, Suzy Kessler

AHWAHNEE — The nonprofit group Helping One Woman (HOW) is meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 15 at the Hitchin’ Post restaurant to honor Suzy Kessler. The evening of food, fundraising and friendship begins at 6 p.m.

Suzy’s son, Yosemite High School freshman PJ Kuzmitski, suffered a life-changing hit to his right knee at football practice on Wednesday, Sept. 27, resulting in the amputation of his lower right limb.

Suzy, 51, has been by her son’s side throughout his stay at Fresno Community Hospital’s Trauma Center, say HOW organizers. PJ was transferred to the Physical Therapy Unit at Children’s Hospital on Monday, Oct. 16, until moving to Suzy’s mother’s home in Yosemite Lakes Park, with far fewer steps and stairs than their own home.

Yosemite Football Boosters set up two savings accounts at Chase Bank, along with an online account, to be applied toward PJ’s medical needs and upcoming athletic prostheses. However, these funds are intended for PJ’s comeback and do not address Suzy’s growing need for assistance with travel expenses and lost employment.

Suzy’s husband, Kevin Kessler, is a disabled veterans who served in the US Marine Corps during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. The family has embarked on an 18-24 month road to recovery for PJ, with specialized athletic physical therapies and new athletic prostheses every 6 months.

PJ’s acceptance of his loss and his intense determination inspire Suzy to stay positive and do all that she can for her son to continue his life of sports. She is overwhelmed and immensely grateful for the community’s tremendous support and generous expressions of kindness. PJ’s return to a new normal is Suzy’s sole commitment. (Source: HOW)

Please RSVP to Tokens at (559) 658-5428 with the number in your party. The Hitchin’ Post is located at 42592 Highway 49 in Ahwahnee. Phone (559) 683-7917.

HOW meets monthly for an uplifting evening in honor of one deserving woman who receives the community’s support when they need it the most. Recipients of HOW are always a woman who is going through a time of irreplaceable loss or who has been through a period of loss within the last 12 months. Irreplaceable loss is defined as a catastrophic loss which cannot be recovered.

Those participating in the HOW benefit will offer $10 or more as a suggested donation for Suzy and pay for their own dinner. Proceeds from the event go directly to Suzy at the end of the evening.

HOW says that “one woman with $10 can buy another woman lunch. Ten women giving $10 can buy another woman’s groceries. One hundred women giving $10 can make a real difference in another woman’s life.”

Do you know a woman who is going through a time of irreplaceable loss? Bring her name to the next HOW meeting and nominate her to be the next recipient. “Remember that by helping one woman, we help one family and one community.”



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