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Hot Photos Are Good For The Heart

Oakhurst Boutique Offers Boudoir Photography To Benefit American Heart Association

OAKHURST – Love is in the air, so pull out your red lace, baby, it’s time for zesty Valentine’s Day photos courtesy of Vintage Chic Boutique and photographer Lori Cole.

Racy, lacy digital pictures will be taken for a modest fee, and the best part is some proceeds go to the American Heart Association (AHA). February is American Heart Month. Who knows what it could do for your love life?The Romantic Valentine Photo Shoot will take place at Vintage Chic on Saturday, Feb. 2, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and is on a strictly first-come, first-served basis.

The public is invited to participate in the most fem and frothy ways possible. Organizers recommend those who attend arrive ready for their close-ups.

Mask with fleur de lis at Vintage ChicOwner Trudy Truesdell-Shields has her heart set on a fun, girly day.

“We set up a very romantic, lacy, red velvet Victorian couch for you to have your photograph taken on,” she says. “You can wear your own clothing and have your own little Valentine outfit, from casual to formal to boudoir, to chiffon and furs. ‘Boudoir’ is French for bedroom so boudoir photography is often very romantic.”

Photographs cost a minimum $5 donation to the AHA. Proofs will be available online at a later date. Prints cost extra and will be ready before Cupid’s busiest day, according to Truesdell-Shields.

Fresh out of peignoir sets, cheetah-pumps and pearls? No problem, says the stylish shop owner.

Clothing at Vintage Chic“If you don’t have your own, we have items here that you can wear, and we’ll have hats and furs and fun things. Professional photographer Lori Cole may use some of those filters that make things look dreamy, and we’ll have plenty of lace to make things romantic. Some of the girls like to wear the chiffon negligee with a little fur thrown over their shoulder.”

Singles, couples, friends and families are encouraged to stop by and create a memory for their favorite valentine.

The event is a creative endeavor, Truesdell-Shields promises, where “you can do anything you want,” in terms of stylizing the romantic photo opportunities.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the AHA’s “Go Red For Women” movement, meant to educate the public on facts surrounding heart disease, which remains the number one killer of women in the U.S. According to the AHA, heart disease kills more women than men, claiming more women than all kinds of cancer, combined.

Jewelry case at Vintage ChicTruesdell-Shields has some tips for anyone who wants to dress up for the occasion.

“I like to go with the solids. Choose a black, pink, white or red dress for Valentine’s Day, with a nice neckline. It doesn’t have to be real low. Just wear a color that looks good on you and that you look really sexy in. Coming prepared in your own outfit will get you through the line for the photos quicker.”

Oakhurst masseuse Dawn White will bring her massage chair and a portion of her receipts will also go to the AHA. Visitors can look forward to a hot tea station and cookies. All ages and genders welcome.

“Bring your friends and come early. If you’re a grandmother and your grandchildren are in town, dress them up and bring them in for a photo. It would be a really fun Valentine’s gift and something nice to have. We can do up to maybe 5 people in a photo.”

It’s truly an all-inclusive event, provided everyone minds their manners, canines included. “If you have a very well behaved pet, bring your pet.”

Vintage Chic is located at 39945 Highway 41.


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  1. Compliments and special thanks to Kellie Flanagan for another amazing article on our little vintage boutique! You are truly gifted, Kellie. Trudy Truesdell, Vintage Chic! Boutique, Oakhurst

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