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Image of a very old letter and envelope.
Do you know anything about these old mail bags? Let us know!

History Mystery #109: Mystery Mail Bags

Submitted by Lynn Northrup, Raymond Museum.

These are mail bags from the River Route found by a museum supporter and donated. We have so many questions about these bags. What years were they used and when and why did they cease? Who were the local mail carriers and does anyone have any other bags from the different routes? Are there any photos out there of mail carriers with these bags? Were they used on the railroad? Did every box have their own bag? Did they share them or decorate the bags? And the name Frank Shields. Is that familiar to anyone? And Ritter Jr. is on one of bags. Box 35a. Does anyone have information?

So fun to figure out how they were used!

Image of an old mail bag.

Image of an old mail bag.

Image of an old mail bag.

















Follow-Up to History Mystery #108

Thanks for all the comments about the fun and wonderful memories of the Rec Center Youth program. Some of them are listed below:

Earlene Keller
I learned how to swim there back in the 70s it was a great place to be Snack shack arts and crafts friends in swimming

Emily Kratzer
Every afternoon (after the water warmed a bit!) – swimming and sunning with friends, girls flirting with guys, guys doing impossible dives off the rocks to impress the girls. Goofing off on the logs after the jamboree. Lounging in the water on the huge inner tubes from the mill equipment. Kids in the roped-off shallower zone getting swimming lessons. No lifeguards if I recall. Great summers!!

Patrick Lorton
Emily Kratzer, from what I can recall, back in 63 and 64, Theoma Palmer (Gene Palmer’s eldest daughter) and Mike Petit, were both lifeguards at the REC. and gave swim lessons as well. There was one other lady in her 20’s, as well, but I can’t remember her name. Chuck Woopeo (sic) was a recreational director there, as well. Absolutely great memories of all the wonderful summer days most of the NF kids enjoyed there!

Emily Kratzer
Tx Patrick – I guess I just didn’t realize they were on duty. And Chuck – I had forgotten about him!

Lisa Skillman
My kids loved that place!!

K.T. Barnett
We started off swimming here and then our children and now their children. It’s a great place all around for our local children to spend their summers at.

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