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Image of an unknown item from the museum.
Any idea what this is or what it was used for? Let us know!

History Mystery #101: Unknown Mystery Box

Submitted by Karen Tex Morris, CHS President

The Coarsegold Historic Museum has this item on display. Can you guess what it is or how it was used or how old it is? If you want to see it, you can visit our museum on Fridays 10 – 2, Saturdays 10-2, Sundays 12-4, or Mondays 10-2.

We have many unique objects from the past on display at our museum.

We are located at 31899 Highway 41 in Coarsegold. For further information, please contact us at chs@sti.net.

Follow Up to History Mystery #100
At this time, we have had no comments. If you should come across information to help us solve History Mystery #100, please send it to NorthForkHistoryGroup@gmail.com.

One comment

  1. The following was transferred from the SNO Facebook page:

    David Kneitel
    Well it has holes, so it’s for a live creature or something that needs to be vented. I was thinking portable pie safe at first, but nah. I’m guessing it’s 1850’s – 1880’s maybe?

    G.O. Digilio
    baby carrier

    Judy Johnson
    Bait box or wet creel for fishing or crawdads?

    Jennifer Johnson
    Traveling pie safe? Lol

    Terri Lynn Gray
    Part of a press?

    Julie Gardner
    A wood strong box for carrying gold?

    Julie Gardner
    Oh wait…or maybe a dynomite box!

    Leonard A Brown
    Worm sifter.

    Mia Brown

    Andrea Johnson
    Bed warmer

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