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Here's What Your Firefighters Have Been Up To This Week

MADERA COUNTY – We all know that when we dial 911, someone is going to come and help. Whether it’s a fire, or a wreck or someone suffering a heart attack, our local firefighters and EMTs are there to respond. So who are these people?

When you come across an accident or a fire, you see lots of big red or green trucks, lights flashing, badges on the door that say Cal Fire or Madera County Fire Department or Sierra National Forest. These are the people who drop everything when the call comes in, and make it their business to save your life or your home, and render aid in any way they can.

Many of these folks are volunteers, and a large percentage of what they do – responding for medical aid, trouble breathing, chest pains – they do for absolutely no pay.

It has been a rough week for our local firefighters, and lest we forget what all they do for our communities, and take them for granted, let’s see what they’ve been up to this week.

First Responders at Road 415 and Trabuco 1-22-13

Crews work to free 2nd driver

2nd Ambulance ready to leave

Emergency Responders At Bass Lake Accident 1-15-13

Airlifting Accident Victim 1-15-13

Rollover at Highway 41 and YLP

Engine 12 at house fire 1-16-12

Firefighters in the garage at house fire 1-16-13Firefighters roll carpet out onto the lawn 1-15-13Flames from garage roof 1-15-13 Roof Fire

Fireman with pulaski

Burnt out car and ladder crew

Jerry Riggs with Engine 4255


Wood Stove

Water on roof fireDoor Panel

MopupThis time of year, the vast majority of what these folks do may have nothing to do with fires, but rather with helping people who need them.

Next time you see a big red engine and flashing lights in your rear view mirror, pull to the right side of the road, and let them get where they’re going. It could be your house, or your family member.

Next time the fire department throws a BBQ, buy lots of tickets, eat lots of food, donate lots of raffle prizes.

Next time you happen upon a firefighter, thank them. Just imagine if you called, and nobody came.

And if you would like to join their ranks and become a volunteer firefighter, stop in at Station #12 in Oakhurst, behind Kaiser, and find out how.

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