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Great American Outdoors Act; Sierra National Forest

NORTH FORK – The forests will continue to develop and prioritize future projects and welcomes input from communities, stakeholders, state and federal agencies. Project proposals will be submitted annually through July 2023 and will fund projects to be completed through fiscal year 2025.

Congress signed the Great American Outdoors Act into law in August 2020 in response to the growing backlog of deferred maintenance on federal lands. This will address the $5 billion backlog of deferred maintenance on forest service lands, which includes $3.7 billion for roads and bridges, and $1.5 billion for visitor centers, campgrounds and other facilities. In addition to helping address deferred maintenance for these critical facilities and infrastructure, the Great American Outdoors Act will help the Forest Service to continue supporting rural economies and communities in and around national forests and grasslands across the country.”

Sierra Vista Scenic Byway:

Minarets Road (4S81) Repair

The Forest is proposing to do a road rehabilitation project on approximately 7 miles of the project consist of saw-cutting and deep patching unstable road sections, restore and improve drainage functions, and chip-seal the 12 miles.

Minarets Road (4S81) Surface Treatment

This project consists of deep-patching identified unstable, settling isolated, road sections and chip-seal road surface. Main purpose of this work is to preserve asphalt (ML-4) using the paving management system recommendation.

Sierra Vista Scenic Byway Rehabilitation Project

Scenic Byway roads, campgrounds and vista points are in poor condition. Work includes chip seal for paved roads and campgrounds, base rock for gravel roads, and replacement of regulatory, warning, road destination and recreation site identification signs.

Scenic Byway Multi-Developed Recreation Site Rehabilitation

Signs, bulletin boards, reconstruction of campsites in select locations, hazard tree removal, picnic tables, bear proof dumpsters, water system, pedestal grills, food lockers are all included in the project.


Pacific Crest Trail Deferred Maintenance

This project will address deferred maintenance on the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail on 25 national forests and easements held by the United States in California, Oregon, and Washington. This work will improve trail access and visitor experience by maintaining the trail tread, removing hazards, improving drainage, and signage.

Lewis Creek National Recreation Trail Recreation Management Planning

Project will contract out survey and NEPA analysis for the management activities needed at the trailheads, needed trail bridge, trail, and toilet building(s).

McKinley Grove Recreation Trail Maintenance and Interpretive Center Rehabilitation

This project will repair picnic tables that have been buried in duff and dirt in the interpretive area. The project will also repair the trail throughout the interpretive grove, including new surface structure and guide walls. The project will repair signage throughout the grove and reduce forest liter throughout interpretive trail area and surrounding stands.

Specific Campgrounds:

Jerseydale Campground Rehabilitation Phase 2

Project work consists of campground rehabilitation and replacement of existing campground features (barriers, signs, tables, fire rings and toilets).

Jerseydale Campground Reconstruction Phase 3

This project will repair toilet buildings, fire rings, picnic tables, parking barriers, and signs at the campground

Jerseydale Campground Rehabilitation Phase 4

Phase 4 campground improvements include installation and/or construction of food lockers, hitching rails, hitching rail area with path, single gate, parking spur, single campsite, tent pad, ORARs, and steps.

Kirch Flat Campground Rehabilitation

The Kirch Flat Campground Rehabilitation project includes the Kirch Flat Group Campground and Raft-Take-Out. The existing features (barriers, boards, signs, road, tables, fire rings, toilets) are in poor condition, unsafe, and need to be replaced.

Upper Billy Creek CG Rehabilitation

Replacement of gates (1 double, 2 single), refurbish pumphouse, replace 44 site markers, repair erosion in 15 campsites, remove hazards.


Trimmer Fire Station and Work Center Water System

The project includes design and construction of a water system to provide potable water to 35 buildings. The project would also include the demolition of the existing, deteriorated, water system.

Fire, Timber, and Silviculture Barracks

Forestwide Toilet Building Replacement/Rehabilitation

The project would consist of 3 each 10 person barracks with a kitchen, water, sewage and power. The work centers would be brought up to date with current codes and accessibility standards. The buildings would be placed in the same footprint

Replace or rehabilitate 29 toilets in recreation facilities across the forest

Southern Sierra Campground and Day Use Site Toilet Replacement & Accessibility Upgrades requirements.

This project will address current deficiencies that exist at developed recreation sites on the Inyo, Sierra, Sequoia and Stanislaus national forests by installing vault toilets in high use recreation areas which will include accessibility upgrades to meet ABA

Eastwood Visitor Information Site Office Building

The project would replace the two old buildings currently on site, 240 sq ft FS VIS office and concessionaire mobile trailer (720 sq ft). Demo of current building, construction of new building, septic and water system.

Sierra NF Supervisor’s Office

Construct a 26,500 sq ft Supervisors Office co-located with the Fresno Co Ag Department located in Fresno, CA.

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