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Golden Chain's "Fiasco" At The Railroad

Hearing that ‘ol train whistle echoing through the mountains at the Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad just never gets old. Guests at the melodrama “A Fastidious Finagling Fiasco Fixing Fresno Flats” were treated to a ride on the logger behind the Number 10 Shay locomotive as they made their way down to the Lewis Creek canyon for the latest performance from the Golden Chain Theatre group.

CanCan Girls at the RR melodrama 7-15-12

Being greeted by the lovely Can Can Girls is always delightful too.

MaryLou Teaches Booing and Hissing 7-15-12 First Mary Lou Findley instructs the crowd on the finer points of booing and hissing the villian, cheering the hero, and oohing and aahing over the lovely damsel, who is generally in distress.

Then, on with the dancing!

CanCan Girls Dance 1CanCan Girls Dance 3CanCan Girls Dance 2 Since this is a melodrama, there must be a sweet young thing, a very bad guy, and a fairly incompetent and rather clueless hero.

Sheriff Takes A Stand 7-15-12 Sue Kell Tells the Sheriff This production also featured a postmistress who left the crowd in stitches.

If you missed this performance of “A Fastidious Finagling Fiasco Fixing Fresno Flats,” you will have an opportunity to catch the final performance on Sunday, August 12th, at the Yosemite Mountain Railroad, 56001 Hiway 41 in Fish Camp. Enjoy a BBQ steak dinner at 6:00, then board the train for the ride through the forest. Map

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