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Fundraiser For Creek Fire Recovery

Central Valley Community Bank Raises over $83,000 for Central Sierra Resiliency Fund, Established in September 2020 while the Creek Fire was raging through the Central Sierra mountains, The Fund is dedicated to restore, revitalize and reforest the region.

FRESNO – Central Valley Community Bank President and CEO, James M. Ford, announced that the Bank raised over $83,000 for the Central Sierra Resiliency Fund.

The Fund, which is held by the Central Sierra Historical Society and Museum, a 501(c)(3), was established to help Central Sierra residents and communities rebuild their lives and properties, restore economic revitalization and reforest the 379,895 acres devastated by the 2020 Creek Fire, the largest single fire incident recorded in California’s history.

The Bank with support from their team, clients and community raised funds for the effort through its CVCB Sierra Resiliency Drive.

“Over the past 41 years, supporting our communities is, and always has been, a priority for our Bank,” Ford said. “This last year brought many challenges to the regions we serve, which inspired us all the more to increase our efforts in the communities we call home through opportunities like the CVCB Sierra Resiliency Drive.”

Ford praised the selflessness of those who stepped forward to provide food, clothing, shelter, financial assistance and other relief even while the Creek Fire was still burning, and encourages Central Valley residents to continue. “It will take decades to replenish what was lost in the fire. Support is needed today, tomorrow and years into the future as restoring this area will be a lifelong effort,” concluded Ford.

Launched in November 2020 with the goal of raising $50,000, the Drive was jumpstarted by a Bank contribution of $25,000. Then employees, Board of Directors and clients contributed significantly to the cause, from numerous small gifts of under $100 to a particularly generous donation of $20,000.

The Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco provided a Disaster Relief matching grant of $25,000. And local community groups joined in, like Fresno’s PINC which also supported the Bank’s Holiday Giving Tree effort that provided gifts to families who lost everything in the Creek Fire.

“We thank Central Valley Community Bank for their partnership,” said Keith Swinger, Central Sierra Historical Society and Museum Board of Director Chairperson. “We’re grateful for their assistance with the establishment of the Central Sierra Resiliency Fund and their continued support of our mission to restore, revitalize and reforest the region where so many live, operate businesses and recreate.”

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Stepping up support in 2020

Throughout its 41-year history, Central Valley Community Bank has financially supported many worthwhile nonprofit organizations in the communities it serves. In 2020, the Bank supported 144 nonprofits and organizations ranging from economic development, education, and health and human services. Additional dedicated efforts were directed to areas hardest hit by the pandemic and fire relief programs. All told, in a year of worldwide turmoil that was felt in every community, the Bank contributed a total of over $250,000 for the year.

Natural disaster, personal impact

Central Valley Community Bank isn’t looking at the rebuilding effort as an outsider; it is deeply rooted in the region impacted by the Creek Fire. The Bank’s history in the Central Sierra dates back to 1982 when it opened its Shaver Lake Banking Center, which later relocated to Prather in 1987. Today, the Prather Banking Center which will move back into its newly reconstructed building this spring is the only bank servicing the communities of Prather, Huntington Lake, Big Creek, Shaver Lake, Auberry and other surrounding areas. The Central Sierra was also home to several of the Bank’s founding Board members, whose next generation continues to live and value this special legacy today.

“We are honored to provide assistance, both financially and volunteerism through the support of our employees, clients and community, to this area which has been home to our Bank, our Board, team members and our clients for decades,” Ford said.

Support the Fund in 2021

The Central Sierra Resiliency Fund is still active and growing, and there are several ways to get involved for those interested. The Fund has established priority task forces to assist community recovery efforts including: Erosion, Forest Stewardship, Community Education on Rebuilding, Storytelling and the Resiliency Fund Volunteer Program. Additionally, there are a variety of education, volunteer work days and fundraising efforts that help support preservation of the region. To donate, learn more about the Fund’s priorities or to become a volunteer, visit https://museumofthesierra.org/resiliencyfund/resiliency-fund-projects/.

 About Central Valley Community Bank

Central Valley Community Bancorp trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol CVCY. Central Valley Community Bank, headquartered in Fresno, California, was founded in 1979 and is the sole subsidiary of Central Valley Community Bancorp. Central Valley Community Bank operates full-service offices throughout California’s San Joaquin Valley and Greater Sacramento regions. Additionally, the Bank operates Commercial Real Estate Lending, SBA Lending and Agribusiness Lending Departments.

Members of Central Valley Community Bancorp’s and the Bank’s Board of Directors are: Daniel J. Doyle (Chairman), Daniel N. Cunningham (Vice Chairman), F. T. “Tommy” Elliott, IV, James M. Ford, Robert J. Flautt, Gary D. Gall, Andriana Majarian, Steven D. McDonald, Louis C. McMurray, Karen Musson, Dorothea D. Silva and William S. Smittcamp. Sidney B. Cox is Director Emeritus.

More information about Central Valley Community Bancorp and Central Valley Community Bank can be found at www.cvcb.com. Also, visit Central Valley Community Bank on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

 About the Central Sierra Resiliency Fund

The Central Sierra Resiliency Fund is held with the Central Sierra Historical Society and Museum, Inc., which, along with community members and professionals, make up the Resiliency Council responsible for stewarding financial resources to reforest, rebuild and boost community revitalization efforts in the wake of the devastating Creek Fire that became a blaze on September 4, 2020. The Council is partnering with other local, state and national organizations to secure resources to empower the mountain community to get people living, working and recreating on the mountain again. The Resiliency Fund will support Creek Fire recovery efforts in communities within the vicinity of Fresno County’s Central Sierra region including, but not limited to, Huntington Lake, Lakeshore, Big Creek, Shaver Lake, Pine Ridge, Meadow Lakes, Alder Springs and Auberry. Learn more at  https://museumofthesierra.org/resiliencyfund/ and follow the Resiliency Fund on Facebook (@sierraresiliencyfund) and Instagram (@resiliencyfund).


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