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Spartan Team 2020

Local Team Tackles Grueling Spartan Race

PATTERSON –Twenty John C. Fremont Healthcare District employees and 48 Mariposa Mountain Fitness members teamed up to participate in one of the most popular — and grueling — obstacle course competitions in the country, the Spartan Race, held over President’s Day weekend in Stanislaus County.

The popular event, which takes place every year in Patterson, has competitors tackling 20 major obstacles over a mountainous 5-km course.

“John C. Fremont’s commitment to supporting employee’s health and sporting events is a priority,” said John C. Fremont Healthcare District Public Relations Director Therese Williams. “

For those that had never participated in a Spartan Race; the first run was full of mystery. What’s around the corner? What is the bucket carry? How high is the wall? How deep is the muddy water?

Mountain Fitness owner Jenni Kiser said, “Community health is much more than what most define as ‘health.’ Community health involves contentment, morale, integrity, a desire to support one another and gain understanding of one another.”

“Partnering with John C. Fremont hospital for me means an opportunity to contribute to our community on a systematic level,” Kiser added. “Fitness is all about working from the inside out. In fact, the outsides are just a perk. It’s the unseen advantages that make a community healthy and cohesive. Not just on a macro level but on a micro level and within each sub-community.”

Kiser said Spartan racing “offered micro systems an opportunity to build their team from the inside out. It’s one of many ways but it certainly asks everyone to step outside of their comfort and recognize their abilities and the abilities of those around them. My M.A. is in Conflict Resolution and I believe cohesiveness contributes to less conflict because it increases concern for your fellow co-worker or those you serve.”

For more information about health and fitness or to participate in an upcoming Spartan race, contact Jenni Kiser at mtnfitness1@gmail.com or call (209) 742-5151.

John C. Fremont Hospital is a 34-bed facility designated by the federal government as a Critical Access Hospital that has been serving the Mariposa community since 1951.

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