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Image of Shannon Grissom.
No matter the card, Shannon's Sock Monkey Oracle cards will leave you with a warm hug, a gentle laugh, and a whole lot of love.

Former Coarsegold Resident Turns Roadblocks Into Triumph

Introduction by Shannon Grissom.

Through the years, I have worked on a series of whimsical paintings inspired by my late mother and her childhood sock monkey. From the beginning, I had an oracle card deck in mind for the body of work and created each piece with a state of being in mind.

Image of Shannon Grissom.

Shannon Grissom.

I worked on the series for 20 years. Although the sock monkey series was a great way to work through the grief of my mom’s passing, I never worked on the deck. It remained buried on my “Me and My Big Ideas” list. (Yep. I’m a lister, and that’s the actual title of the list.)

In early March of 2020, I was selected for a one-woman show at Circle Gallery in Madera. Now there aren’t too many galleries that have the space to accommodate my entire body of Sock monkey work. First, the paintings are large, and second, there are so many of them! Circle Gallery in Madera was the perfect venue. It is spacious, and I love the entire staff there.

Image of the Circle Gallery.

Circle Gallery in Madera.

The show was hung, invitations were sent out, and the pandemic lockdown happened. The gallery was closed, and there sat my artwork, all alone.

Well, not quite alone. Executive Director Jim Kocher continued to work at the gallery through the pandemic. He said my whimsical sock monkey art lifted his spirits.

After a few months, some restrictions were lifted, and I returned to the gallery and brought my artwork home.

As business began to open, another gallery asked to feature my work. Once again, the show was hung. Unfortunately, the pandemic restrictions were in place soon after, and the gallery was closed.

Image of Sock Monkey Oracle Cards cover. When things happen once, I don’t always notice the significance. But twice, now you have my attention. I took it as a significant course correction from the Universe. I was not in the flow, and something had to change. So, I pulled out my “Me and My Big Ideas List” and immediately homed in on the Sock Monkey Oracle card project. I knew it was time to finish the deck.

I worked on the graphic design for the cards. As I thought about writing the text, a little voice said, “Who am I to write an oracle card deck?”
I heard in my mind’s ear, “It’s not coming from you. It will be channeled.”


So, I meditated and asked for help, and the text for the Sock Monkey Oracle tumbled out in just under a month.

Image of the Simon & Schuster logo. The Sock Monkey Oracle card deck is filled with love, and now I get to share it with others.

It is published by Beyond Words Publishing, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

About the Sock Monkey Oracle Card Deck

The sock monkey, a largely popularized vintage icon, has brought joy and love to homes for decades.

Dating as far back as the 1930s—at the height of the Great Depression—sock monkeys became most known for their vibrant red mouth fashioned out of Rockford Red Heel socks. At a time of severe economic distress, these unique stuffed toys were gifted to families and children as notions of hope, happiness, and…hugs!

Image of the Sock Monkey Oracle box.Today, Shannon Grissom continues this long-lived tradition with the Sock Monkey Oracle card deck. Bridging the gap in history as a toy made for children, the card deck proves sock monkeys can infuse your life with joy at any age.

Discover your playful energy, embrace the nostalgia, and open up to love with 46 passion-filled readings and cards, including:

• Tee Time as a reminder to just have fun.
• Unwind as a reminder to relax and take self-care.
• Parenting as a reminder to persevere when things get a bit messy, and so many more!

About Shannon Grissom

Shannon Grissom didn’t discover painting until she was 33, but once she discovered this hidden passion, she was hooked and driven. By 1999, Shannon was able to leave her day job and began to create art as a full-time business.

Image of "Monkey Made of Sockies" book cover. At 46, Shannon self-published her children’s book Monkey Made of Sockies, along with a line of licensed merchandise, including a coloring book and the popular Monkey Made of Sockies golf club headcovers that have been carried on tour by several Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) pros.

Shannon is an award-winning artist, television producer/host, author, and songwriter, and she just launched an online creativity school called Painterly. Learn more about her work with sock monkeys at sockmonkeyoracle.com.

The Sock Monkey Oracle (978-1-58270-859-1) was released by Beyond Words Publishing on April 19, 2022.

Image of the Metta Yosemite logo. Available online via all the major booksellers and at Metta Yosemite in Oakhurst, CA.

Promo copies are available by request, and media inquiries can be directed to Brennah Hale at pr@beyondword.com.

Check out this short video about Shannon Grissom by Authority Magazine!

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