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Usona Road and Hwy 49 - photo by Joey Cizauskas

Failure To Yield Results In Crash Near Usona

MARIPOSA COUNTY – A two-vehicle accident on Highway 49 last Friday is a good reminder to motorists to avoid being complacent behind the wheel, says CHP Officer Steve Lewis, who investigated the crash.

On Friday morning, Aug. 30, Christal Harris, 20, of Mariposa, was driving a Subaru approaching the stop sign on Usona Road, and failed to yield the right-of-way before entering Highway 49, according to CHP.

Aubrey Spurlin, 20, also of Mariposa, was southbound on Highway 49 in a Nissan Versa when the passenger side of her car was struck by the front of Harris’s Subaru. The force of the impact caused Spurlin’s vehicle to overturn and roll down the 40 foot embankment on the east side of Highway 49, coming to rest in a pile of huge boulders.

Spurlin was able to get out of her wrecked car and make her way back up to the road where she flagged down a passing motorist who transported her to John C. Freemont Hospital in Mariposa for medical treatment.

Spurlin suffered a broken collar bone, severe bruising and has major pain in her abdomen and knees. Harris came away from the crash without injuries, says the investigating officer.

“This is a good reminder for motorists to make sure the intersection is clear before proceeding,” says Officer Lewis. “Look left, then right, then left, and don’t get complacent while driving.”


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