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Betty Berk

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Betty Berk

Sierra Art Trails 2013 Catalog # 55

Art has been an integral part of my life since I can remember. As a child I was either making doll houses with furniture, paper sculptures, or drawing and painting.

Now I participate in art competitions and exhibits and teach at Dinuba High, where I developed the Dinuba Festival of the Arts, a district-wide art event involving visual and performing artists K-12.

Dandelions by Betty BerkI have studied art in the various colleges I attended, and workshops from nationally known artists such as Betty Car and Carolyn Anderson.

Abby Rubenstein and especially Jerome Grimmer are my mentors, whom I have studied under for 10 years.

My piano teacher John Kitterman (Hamilton Piano Studio) has allowed me to learn piano and apply this noble for to my paintings, through his sensitive and skillful ability to make the complex world of music accessable.

Hidden Flowers by Betty BerkLastly, it is the experience, sitting with paint and brush, working and reworking each piece that has been my greatest master.

I consider myself an Expressionist painter because of my free use of color to express emotion. Exuberant brush strokes marking my thought process in the development of each painting. I play with the concept of producing an experience in my artwork such as the experience of hearing a beautiful piece of music.

The experience of nature as symbolic of my own experience results in paintings of elephants, birds, still life subjects, and landscapes, and a few figures. The ocean is symbolic of the beginnings of life. I may experience someone as having breathed new life into my own, for example.

In all of my art, I celebrate.

House Across the StreetVisit Betty’s website

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Chicks and Chickens by Betty Berk

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