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Enriching The Experience: Yosemite Conservancy

MOUNTAIN AREA — In the dozen days leading up to Christmas and Hanukah we’ve shared the stories of groups and nonprofit organizations whose members are making a difference in our communities.

We’ve profiled education, art, community, theater, broadcast, wildlife, music, pets and more. Now we turn to an organization whose mission is to inspire people to support projects and programs that preserve Yosemite and enrich the visitor experience. For our twelfth day, we explore Yosemite Conservancy.

Day #12 Yosemite Conservancy 

  • What is it? Yosemite Conservancy provides grants to Yosemite National Park based on the highest-priority needs of the park. Through donations, the organization has funded the restoration of the trail to Lower Yosemite Fall, electronic bear-monitoring equipment to keep bears safe, life-changing youth programs and more. Yosemite Conservancy fund projects and programs that are essential to Yosemite’s future.
  • Who’s behind it? The Conservancy is run by a Board of Directors and Council and is a partner of the National Park Service. For a complete list of individuals visit the website.
  • Why we love it. Yosemite Conservancy funds trail and habitat restoration projects, wildlife-protection programs, scientific research and more to preserve and protect Yosemite’s natural wonders and enrich the visitor experience. This includes Youth in Yosemite Programs designed to transform the lives of youth of all ages, while youth help transform the park. Yosemite Outdoor Adventures afford experienced naturalist guides to lead a variety of tours, including day hikes, backpacking trips, photography workshops and bird-watching tours. Participants can capture the beauty of Yosemite in an art workshop, or enjoy a live theater performance to uncover Yosemite’s history and little-known stories. Plus, they’ve got a great online gift shop.


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