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ELK Adventure Comes To Madera County

Submitted by Julie Fullmer, Director of Sales & Operations, Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau

MADERA COUNTY – Coming to Madera County, the E.L.K. (Everybody Loves Kids) Charity Challenge is truly a one-of-a-kind event that brings charity, motorsports, and history to life in an interactive entertainment series adventure; pitting philanthropic vehicle enthusiasts against one another in a seven-day journey. Their goal, to give back to America’s future . . . its children.

The Charity Challenge takes place over seven days and incorporates seven unique cities into the story. The only destinations known to the participants in advance are the start and finish lines; Ventura, and Oakland, Calif., respectively. Although the remaining five locations are a mystery to challengers, it will be up to them to correctly decipher their clue and make it to the next community using all available resources.

Though the specifics of the exact locations and dates remain a secret, we are very excited to share that Madera County will be home to a part of the challenge(s). Be sure to stay tuned with the Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau, via social media, as we will be releasing more information soon.

To add to the excitement, the communities are invited to come out and cheer on the competitors as they make their way to the designated finish line in Eastern Madera County!

Each day, participants navigate through numerous challenges and locations testing their dedication, determination and preparation. Whether it is scoring a record time at a world-renowned track or literally holding history in the palm of your hand, E.L.K. participants experience an adventure like no other.

ElkChallengeEvery challenge not only provides an opportunity for victory, but also provides an once-in-a-lifetime experience in the unique cities that they venture through.

E.L.K. showcases a vast variety of vehicles to meet each fanatic’s needs; whether you’re an admirer of high-end vehicles such as Ferraris and McLarens or prefer to stick with the classics such as Cords and Duesenbergs, E.L.K. has something for you!

The group of teams with the most points will be given $10,000 at the end of each day for their respective children’s charities. Making a wrong turn or getting a flat tire isn’t just aggravating; during E.L.K. it’s downright detrimental to the cause.

Who will rack up the most wins and make a difference for their charity? Only time will tell so make sure to join the adventure May 16 in Ventura and follow E.L.K on their social media platforms to find out their next locations.

E.L.K. participants fit into one of three categories; either a business leader/owner, elected official, or an industry celebrity. From 104-year-old philanthropist Margaret Dunning all the way to 25-year-old Long Beach Grand Prix winner Shea Holbrook, there is sure to be a character for all ages to follow.

CycleSisters ELKChallengeSome of our other notable challengers include: Kelly Kaminski—Pro Rodeo Champion; Clay Hensley—World Series Pitcher; Tom Souter—CNBC Personality; Wes Abendroth— International Driver; Tim Colceri—Full Metal Jacket; Doug Stanley—2-time Emmy Award Winner and creator of Deadliest Catch; Larry Edsall—Author and creator of Classic Cars; and many others.

For more details, follow YosemiteSierra on Facebook. Due to the secret nature of this challenge, we can only reveal when they will be in Madera County the day of.

Also, follow Yosemite_Sierra on Instagram as we will be sharing images throughout the challenge during their time in Madera County. Take part with these hashtags: #ELKMaderaCounty #ELKCharityChallenge #ELKlife

For more information about this charity challenge, and the five charities they support, go to

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