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Dorian Michael & Kenny Blackwell Concert at Coolwater Ranch

What a fun night we experienced, with top flight musicians and entertainers at a packed house concert at Coolwater Ranch. Dorian Michael and Kenny Blackwell teamed up for a lively night of music with guitars and mandolins, 6 in total!

Where: Coolwater Ranch, Ahwahnee
Date: October 27, 2012
Highlights: Dorian Michael and Kenny Blackwell took us on a journey through Bluegrass, the Blues, Irish, Brazilian and much, much more.

Kenny Blackwell, Robin Ralston, Dorian Michael at Coolwater Ranch:

Dorian has said, “Some music makes you feel deeply, some music makes you think and some tunes are played just for the sheer fun of it. We like to try to get to all those places in the space of a concert.” Their enthusiasm and sense of humor certainly took us there at a packed house.

I need to be honest, that I was not familiar with these artists, but have come to trust Robin Ralston’s instincts at her booking of such talented musicians and entertainment.

Dorian, sharing the longer version related to the background of the music:


By bringing these acts to our area, she is giving us a rare opportunity to get to know some amazing musicians in a small, intimate forum. You have an interaction with the musicians that is not available anywhere else, whether in asking them a question about a song or style, or just talking with them between songs.

They shared with us the origins of the songs that they sang and the back-story to them, along with the type of instrument they were playing and why it created a different sound for that music. My favorite song of the night was Fria Noche, but there were many others that were amazing.

Here is a clip of it on YouTube:

You can check out the upcoming concerts at Coolwater Ranch at their website

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