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Credit card skimmer recovered from Oakhurst gas station - photo Madera Sheriff

Detective Pulls Credit Card Skimmers From Oakhurst Gas Stations

OAKHURST – The Madera County Sheriff’s Office is continuing their investigation into credit card fraud related to skimmers found at two gas stations in Oakhurst.

On April 16, deputies were called out to reports of fraudulent credit card activity in the Oakhurst area and through the course of their investigation discovered four skimmers installed at gas pumps at Vons Gas and Valero (formerly Yosemite Gas).

As of April 17, 35 people had been identified as victims in the case and most of the fraudulent activity was in the form of money order purchases made in Southern California.

These photos are of one of four skimmers removed from the Oakhurst Valero by Madera County Sheriff Detective Cuthbert.

These skimmers are installed inside the pump and are not visible or physically detectable from outside. They are also Bluetooth capable so the person who installs the skimmer only needs to use a Bluetooth device to obtain the data stored.

“We would like to remind citizens that the best way to avoid becoming a victim of these types of scams is to pay inside at the cash register, rather than at the pump,” the Sheriff’s Office warns in a Facebook post.

“Though it may not be as convenient, the extra few minutes it takes to walk inside will certainly be less time consuming than having to work with your bank to change your card information and recover stolen funds in the event of fraudulent activity.”

This investigation remains ongoing. If you have information or believe you may be a victim relating to this case, please contact the Madera County Sheriff’s Office in Oakhurst at 559-642-3201.

(Photos courtesy of the Madera County Sheriff’s Office).

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