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David Linn Not Qualified To Be D.A.

Regarding David Engstrom’s Madera Tribune letter of 9-25-14 about District Attorney Michael Keitz. First, thank you Mr. Engstrom for having the integrity to stand behind your comments instead of making them anonymously.

After writing more than 500 words about statistics, numbers, etc., Mr. Engstrom did not state one single qualification that would make DA candidate David Linn suitable for the role as the next Madera County DA. So let’s compare DA Keitz and Mr. Linn…

At age 59, DA Keitz has 19 years of law enforcement experience as a reserve deputy sheriff and 22 years experience prosecuting criminal cases.

At age 66, Mr. Linn has 0 years of law enforcement experience and 0 employment as a prosecuting attorney. Mr. Linn is a 38 – year criminal defense attorney who describes himself as a “Personal Injury, auto accident and slip & fall” specialist in his law firm’s Oakhurst phone book advertisement. It seems a little late in his career for Mr. Linn to stop protecting criminals from the consequences of their actions and begin prosecuting them.

Mr. Linn has received the endorsement of several law enforcement associations. Please remember that those associations are the employee’s union and do not necessarily represent the choice of each individual member. Also, Mr. Linn is a member of the Madera County Civil Service Commission that rules “for or against” those employee associations when they represent law enforcement officers in employee matters. It’s to the association’s advantage to give Mr. Linn their endorsement.

As the current District Attorney, Michael Keitz has the proven experience of leading a staff of 40 to handle 8500 new cases per year. He administers an annual budget of $4.4 million. Under his leadership, his office has delivered results in the form of conviction after conviction, many for serious and violent crimes.

Mr. Linn handles the checkbook of a small private law firm.

Mr. Linn may be a very good criminal defense attorney but does not have the prosecutorial, administrative or leadership experience necessary to protect us, the public.

Barbara Thomasson

Madera, Ca

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