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Creek Fire Update: 36% Containment With More Than 3,000 Firefighters and Personnel

MADERA COUNTY – Sept. 25, 2020 –  Weather conditions are expected to change with a high-pressure system moving across the area starting Saturday. This will shift winds to the northeast which will produce a light to moderate down-sloping wind. Temperatures are also expected to climb this weekend and into next week with a return of day-time high temperatures in the 90’s in the lower elevations.

Weather permitting air operations will assist firefighters today with an aerial ignition device dispensed by helicopter. This devise is called a PSD (plastic sphere dispenser), it is a compact and dependable aerial ignition devise used in areas that are too dangerous for firefighters. A Cobra helicopter will then scan the area with an infrared camera to capture any hot spots not visible.

With effective air support firefighting crews once again were able to aggressively back-burn problematic areas yesterday and continue to work towards extending the containment line north of Peckinpah Meadows.

Today the Mariposa Heli-base will terminate firefighting operations, and all helicopters based there will relocate to Mammoth Lakes Airport. This relocation is in response to the expected northeast winds with the high-pressure system moving into the area this weekend, and not a result of any increased threat of fire progression.

FRESNO COUNTY –  The fire burned actively overnight in the northern portion of the Creek Fire’s South Zone. It made short runs in the dry overnight air due to low or no humidity, leading to single and group tree torching and was within the interior of the existing fire perimeter.

Smoke has settled back into drainages and canyons with the light winds resulting in limited dissipation of the smoke. Hot temperatures this weekend will lead to more drying of fuels allowing them to increase their ability to ignite and carry combustion, and winds will begin to come from the North, opposite of the past few days.

The fire will continue to progress south of Mount Tom and could reach the Portal Forebay. The eastern side of the fire will continue its progression towards the Dinkey Lake Wilderness and Florence Lake.

Tactical patrol will be conducted in all areas of the fire with a focus on mopping up near the perimeter and ensuring threatened structures are able to be defended should the fire run towards them.

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