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County Fair Sale Dedicated To A Special Cause

MARIPOSA — The Mariposa County Fair will take place over Labor Day weekend and, across the region, people are preparing for the experience.

Among them is Benjamin Latona, 12, a member of the Mariposa County 4H Poultry 49ers. This is Ben’s first year showing and selling poultry at the fair — he says it’s been both stressful and rewarding.

“Because of the Ferguson Fire, my family was evacuated for almost two weeks,” explains Ben, a Jerseydale resident. In the midst of evacuation, he had to think about his 4H project.

“We were able to take my meat birds — Cornish Cross — with us but, my turkeys had to stay. Luckily, Mariposa County Animal Control fed and watered my birds while we were gone.”

Ben offers a hearty thank you to the folks at Animal Control, and has specific goals for a particular bird.

“I plan on selling a turkey and I would like to donate one-half of my fair earnings to the family of Braden Varney, [who] lost his life protecting our community.” HFEO Varney, 36, was killed on July 14 when his dozer rolled over in a steep canyon while he was cutting fireline on the Ferguson Fire in Mariposa County.

Ben plans to sell his meat turkey, Stuffins, a handsome Bronze Tom. Proceeds, after expenses, will go to the Varney family.

“I have spent many hours feeding, watering, walking and hand-feeding Stuffins so he will be ready for the fair. Please come to the auction! I hope whoever reads this will enjoy a day at the fair, see all the 4H and FFA animals and spend some time at the poultry barn meeting Stuffins and all the beautiful birds,” Ben says.

“Hope to see you there!”

The auction is Sunday, Sept. 2 at 3 p.m. at the Mariposa County Fairgrounds

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